• Small yew platter with live edge.

    Small Yew Platter

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    • About The Maker

      Ok so this is the part where i tell you about me!

      I live in Northamptonshire, England, and have been wood turning/wood working for the last couple of years. I started wood turning as a relaxing hobby, and its grown into an obsession, i’m currently producing at least 3 pieces a week when i get the chance to do so around working on the farm I live on.

      All of my wood (bar some exotic exceptions) comes from right here on the farm. Its all from trees that have been responsibly felled to promote healthy woodland growth. Our wood, as it is now, has only existed for about 70 years, before that, it what owned by a logging company, who clear felled the old woodland, and replanted everything shortly before going out of business This meant that there were far too many trees for the available resources and the majority of them now need to be removed, so that the best trees have the best chance of a long and fruitful existence. Thats where I come in with my chainsaw and selectively remove damaged or overcrowded trees to promote the healthy growth of the woodland

      In my little workshop, which I’ve turned into a YouTube studio, i make everything from Bowls to Tables to Goblets and beyond. using a variety of woods as well as epoxy resin, pewter, and steel. I try as best as possible to record every project on to YouTube, knowing that my customers love to see the pieces they buy being made.

      Commissions are always welcome and I love trying to make your dreams into physical reality.